Excel Mentorship Program Roles

Peer Supports are vital to the life of Excel. Supports are the vehicle by which students integrate onto campus and advance towards becoming more independent. There are a variety of support roles that you can play. Please see below for descriptions, applications can be found here.


Coaching Role Descriptions:

Primary Coach Responsibilities include: (At least 1 semester of EMP experience is required)

  • Completing weekly schedules with students
  • Setting and working toward goals in social, leadership, and independent living (ex. cooking, grocery shopping, budgeting, social engagement, transportation, etc.)
  • Connecting students with campus organizations of interest
  • Attending monthly workshops and events
  • Initiating and corresponding with student’s different mentors 


  • Reliable – someone who maintains personal commitments
  • Goal-Oriented – someone who can set clear goals and outline paths to reach those goals
  • Innovative – an ability to think outside the box


PEERS Social Coach Responsibilities: (At least 1 semester of experiences is requested but not required)

***Paid Role***

  • PEERS Coaches provide 1:1 support to first-year students who are enrolled in the PEERS course entitled Self-Awareness
  • PEERS is an evidence-based curriculum from UCLA that helps students improve social skills. Coaches help students with role-plays and other assignments in a range of modules including:
    • Trading Information
    • Finding Common Interests
    • Entering Group Conversations
    • Finding Source of Friends
    • Dating
    • Conflict Resolution
  • PEERS Coaches are required to attend a weekly 1 hour course taught by Mentorship Coordinator. The class is separate from the students and is designed to discuss assignments and role-plays to do with the student. Including the class time, the PEERS Coach time-commitment is 4-5 hours a week.


Mentor Role Descriptions:

*Please note these are all General Mentor roles. However, you role may be focused on one of these specific areas depending on the student’s goals.

Fitness Mentor - work with students to develop healthy and active lifestyles (3 hrs/week)

Cooking Mentor - work with students to expand their recipe book and advance their cooking skills (3 hrs/week)

Social Mentor - support students in progressing towards their social goals (attending a football game, joining a club, etc.) (3 hrs/week)

Example of additional common areas of focus are budgeting, grocery shopping, transportation (Uber/Lyft and Marta), time management, organization, navigating campus/Atlanta, and many others.


Coaches and mentors are required to attend one workshop a month and 15-minute bi-weekly team check-in with Mentorship Coordinator. The time commitment for coaches is 4-5 hours and mentors are 2-4 hours.


Academic Supports: (TA/Tutors)

*Academic supports no longer fall under the EMP. However, these are roles available to GT students who want to work with Excel students in academic settings or need more structure in their schedule. For more information reach out to our Academic Coordinator Allison Maloney (Allison.maloney@ile.gatech.edu)

Excel Class Support: Time commitment: 3-5 hours/week

Provide 1:2 or 1:3 in-class support for Excel fundamental classes (may include out of class time)

  • Technology
  • Self-Awareness
  • Health and Wellness
  • Career Exploration
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Development

(The class offering change each semester)

Inclusive Course Tutor:

Georgia Tech students who are in the GT classes taken by Excel students who provide weekly out of class support

Teachers Assistant/Class Lead

Paid GT student who assists with curriculum implementation in Excel fundamental classes


Contact Luke Roman for more information.